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An award winning project by Philipp Rösler & Thomas Kores in cooperation 
with Department of Design at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences


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and thank you for your interest in project MediGlove.
We‘re facelifting our website right now, that‘s why it‘s under construction.

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The Idea

Project MediGlove is far more than just a new high tech product.
Our main focus is to create a new user experience in the context of medical examination.
Essentially, we're trying to make the world a better place. 



Our philosophy

We believe in a world in which the interaction between clinical
staff and patients isn't based upon strictly limited time or
financial resources. We are committed to humanity, empathy, 
cooperation and holistic awareness. We believe in a possible 
social transformation by humanizing technology.

As Bauhaus-educated designers specializing in Transformation Design, 
we focus on meaningful work, encourage people to participate 
directly with their environment and to question the current status quo.

We've set out to find a healthy balance between a rapidly 
evolving world and a decelerated, stress-free life for all.

Right now we‘re working with an interdisciplinary team of designers, 
coders and technicians on a new prototype, so please stay curious 
and visit us again soon.  


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